Start Up Helper

The term start-up identifies the start of a new business, that is, the time in which an organization seeks to make profitable idea.
Start a business means focusing on the product or service you want to offer and analyze the market to which the good or service can be offered.

In addition to the spirit of initiative and creativity, characteristics that the entrepreneur must have to start a new business enterprise, it is equally important to carefully evaluate the feasibility of the idea and we offer to the entrepreneurs an innovative and interesting way to go.

There are a number of points that we can analyze to help launch a start-up:

1) ACCOUNTING (Business Plan)
2) LEGAL (Constitution of the Company and various contracts)
3) ORGANIZATION (Organizational Structure, Staff)
4) COMPUTER (Information System)
5) FINANCIAL (Availability / finance / Equity)
6) MARKETING (Strategies for sale)